Top Ten Powertrac Tractor Models 2021

Top Ten Powertrac Tractor Models 2021

Powertrac Tractor Models have always been liked by Indian farmers. Powertrac Tractors come in a wide range of 25 HP to 60 HP. All the Powertrac tractor models are highly built with specialized features.

All its special features, greater performance attracts the mind of the farmers to purchase and increases its demand on the market. This blog will help you out in choosing the trending tractor with affordable prices and efficient usages.

Powertrac Euro 50

Powertrac Euro 50 becomes the first choice amongst the farmers for various categories such as the highest-powered engine, greater efficiency, more productivity, super in features like brakes system that helps the tractor from less slippage, the maximum fuel efficiency of 60 liters that can work for longer hours.

This tractor with strong mileage and maximum hydraulic capacity attracts the mind of the customer to purchase the tractor. Well, Powertrac Euro tractor price differs from region to region.

Here, Powertrac Euro 50 tractor price starts from 6.25 Lac. At a reasonable price, the tractor comes with accessories like a drawbar, hook, canopy, bumper, etc. You can also refer to our website video link of KhetiGaadi where all the details of Powertrac Euro 50 are explained clearly.

Powertrac 439 Plus

Powertrac produces a wide variety of models in different ranges and series. Some of the series differentiates in model numbers like Powertrac 439, Powertrac 439 Plus, Powertrac 439 DS Diesel saver, Powertrac 439 DS Super Saver.

But amongst these models, the Powertrac 439 Plus model hit the market on the demand of the farmers and rose in the growth of the brand. Powertrac 439 Plus is suitable to work for both agriculture and commercial purposes. This tractor is provided with 2 years of warranty and used for multipurpose operations.

With a 41 HP mileage engine and 1500 KG of lifting hydraulic capacity. It is a powerful tractor with low maintenance ranked second in number. Powertrac 439 Plus tractor price is affordable and costs Rs 5.24 Lac. To know more about Powertrac Euro 439 Plus information contact KhetiGaadi executives.

Powertrac 434

Powertrac 434 is a 34 HP tractor with 3 cylinders and a 2146 CC engine saver tractor. This tractor is liked by the farmers due to its engine capacity and the water separator feature that helps in separating the diesel and water and increases the long life of the pump and engine to work for longer hours.

Also, it has an excellent water cooling system with a separate radiator. Powertrac 434 has 1300 KG of lifting hydraulic capacity with the functions of three main levers that help in controlling the application properly.

The backend of the tractor is designed strongly with bull gear reduction, dry and oil immersed brakes. Powertrac Euro is shiny blue unique in color and comes at an affordable price.

Powertrac 445 Plus

Powertrac 445 Plus is efficient in mileage, having a maximum engine capacity of 47 HP. Powertrac 445 Plus is super in quality and advanced in features. It is suitable for cultivating crops like grapes, groundnut, castor, cotton, etc.

Powertrac 445 Plus is liked by the farmers due to carrying heavy implements like a sprayer, sower, reaper, haulage, cultivator, rotavator, etc. This tractor can work for long hours due to efficient fuel tank capacity. Powertrac 445 Plus is good to work in every field.

Powertrac 445 Plus tractor price starts from 6.20 Lac.

Powertrac Euro 60

Powertrac Euro 60 with 60 HP power engine is attracted amongst the farmers due to its unique design with the latest technology and farm uses the application. The inbuilt digital quality enhances the demand for the Powertrac Euro 60.

The spacious tractor makes the operator sit with comfortability and ease in functioning. The best service is provided under Powertrac Euro 60 is the gear button where if the operator finds any difficulty in the tractor can directly raise the complaint on the Powertrac company and find the solution to the problem.

Powertrac Euro 60 tractor price ranges from 8.10 Lac. The on-road-price of the Powertrac Euro 60 varies from region to region.

Powertrac Euro 45

Powertrac Euro 45 is produced with advanced features and technology that come at an affordable price range and mainly used for cultivation. Powertrac Euro 45 is known for the maximum efficiency.

At an affordable price of Rs 6.30 Powertrac Euro, 45 is reasonable and comes with all the existing features that one looks for in the tractor.

Powertrac Euro 42 Plus

Powertrac tractors are always known for the best efficiency and more productivity. Tractor Powertrac Euro 42 Plus comes with a 44 HP power engine. This tractor is easy to operate in the agriculture field.

Specific features and more fuel tank capacity attract the farmers to purchase the tractor. For more details, you can log into our official KhetiGaadi website page.

Powertrac Tractor Euro 47

Powertrac Tractor Euro 47 is known for toughness that can easily operate on the field. Powertrac Tractor Euro 47 works smoothly even on the tough task.

Powertrac Tractor Euro 47 is known for its outstanding performance. With advanced features and great efficiency, Powertrac Tractor Euro 47 is economical in price and easy to operate.

Powertrac 437

Powertrac 437 is provided with 39 HP that is provided with a 5-year warranty. The tractor that can work with more implements of carrying 1600 KG of lifting capacity is more in demand by the farmers. Powertrac 437 is used for multipurpose operations.

The Powertrac 437 is essential for both agricultural and commercial purposes. It is suitable for planting, cultivation, rotavation, etc. Powertrac 437 costs Rs 5.20 Lac.

Powertrac 4455 BT

Powertrac 4455 BT is the diesel saver tractor with a unique design and effective feature. The silent motor engine is fitted in the Powertrac 4455 BT model. This tractor model is strongly powerful with a heavy-duty clutch feature. It also runs smoothly on the road.

Powertrac 4455 BT works efficiently in a 3 MB Plough that is why it is mostly on demand amongst the farmers.

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