Top Ten Eicher Tractor Models 2021

Top Ten Eicher Tractor Models 2021

Eicher Tractor company manufactures the tractors keeping in mind the demand of the farmers and with the purpose of Indian farmland.

Eicher tractors are available in both 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive options. The prices are economical and affordable for small and marginal farmers.

Here is the list of the top ten best Eicher tractor models in 2021.

Eicher 380

Eicher tractor 380 is provided with advanced features. It is good for the smooth functioning and working of the tractors.

It is known for reliability, versatility, higher durability, more power, and the lowest fuel consumption. Eicher 380 is perfect in features. Its style is unique and perfect in excellence.

Eicher 485

Eicher 485 is a 45 HP tractor that comes in basic features that attract the farmers to purchase the tractor.

Eicher 485 is a powerful tractor that is fixed with three liquid-type air filter features and an excellent water cooling system that prevents the overheating of an engine.

A sliding mesh silent transmission system is provided in this tractor. It works for longer hours due to an excellent fuel tank capacity. Eicher 485 Tractor Price starts from Rs 6.50 Lac that varies from region to region.

Eicher 333

Eicher 333 is a 36 HP tractor. It is provided with accessories like a bumper, canopy.

With a small budget and with more utility this tractor is easily available in the market. Eicher 333 price of the tractor starts from Rs 5.10 Lac.

Eicher 557

Eicher 557 is a 50 HP tractor that generates 2200RPM. It is equipped with an inline fuel pump.

Due to the synchromesh gearbox transmission feature, it reduces the noise of an engine.

The size of the bigger tire and forward speed helps in loading and farming easily. It has 45 liters of fuel tank capacity.

It is good in hydraulic lifting capacity that can carry the implements like MB Plough, rotavator, cultivator, etc.

Eicher 551

Eicher 551 is a versatile tractor. It is provided with some specific features that are easy to operate.

Eicher 551 is good at handling implements like cultivator, rotavator, MP Plough, etc.

Eicher 551 is an all-rounder tractor that is known for the highest performance and greater productivity.

With its specific feature of a rigid front axle, it is easy to operate in different crops. Eicher 551 is a two-wheel-drive tractor that is useful for multipurpose operations. Eicher 551 price is affordable that costs Rs 6.35 Lac.

Eicher 242

Eicher 242 is known for its low price and economical range. Eicher 242 is best in operating for commercial purposes.

Coming up with a one-year warranty. Eicher 242 is a 2 wheel drive tractor that is perfect in production, one year of warranty, 900 Kg of lifting hydraulic capacity, and efficient in use. Eicher 242 is available at a minimum price of Rs 3.85 Lac.

Eicher 480

Eicher 480 is available at a 2 wheel drive option. It is a 42 HP tractor best for loading applications like Loader, TMCH, Dozer, etc.

This tractor model is superb in features for performing various operating activities. It arrived with additional features like a deluxe seat, bottle holder, toolbox.

It is excellent in design and perfect in maintaining the speed of forward and reverse at particular intervals of time.

Eicher 480 is provided with accessories like a wagon hitch, TopLink, two hooks, and a drawbar. Eicher 480 price starts from Rs 6.05 Lac.

Eicher 548

Eicher 548 a 48 HP tractor is best utilized for crop harvesting, threshing, cultivating, planting, and for seeding purposes, also it is widely useful for ploughing, tilling, and land leveling.

Eicher 548 is always in demand by the farmers for various commercial and agricultural operations. It arrives with certain features like .. Eicher 548 is economical and efficient.

Eicher 548 is provided with 2 years of warranty. Eicher tractor 548 is well known amongst the farmers due to low fuel consumption, higher performance, and increased efficiency.

This tractor is used for implements like ploughing and baling small square bales.

This is a superior performer tractor that is suitable to work in all types of land and weather conditions. Eicher 548 price is economical that starts from Rs 6.10 Lac.

Eicher 368

Eicher 368 is a reliable tractor. It is best known for certain features like ruggedness, cost-effective high performance, good in applications like threshing, cultivating, crop harvesting, planting, seeding, and land leveling. Eicher 368 is provided with 2 years of warranty.

It is unique in design and perfect in the operating activity. Eicher 368 is very powerful and can load 1200 KG of lifting hydraulic capacity.

The price of Eicher 368 starts from Rs 4.92 Lac that is affordable for the small farmers as well.

Eicher 312

Eicher 312 comes with all the essential features and basic specifications with 30 HP that is essential for working for both agricultural and commercial purposes.

Its 48 liters of fuel tank capacity is good for working for a longer duration.

This tractor is easy to operate and requires less maintenance. With an economical price of Rs 4.35 Lac, it is affordable for the farmers to use with implements like rotavator, cultivator, etc.

Eicher 188

Eicher 188 comes in the category of a mini tractor. It is an 18 HP tractor that is also in demand amongst the farmers due to the fuel efficiency of up to 30 Liters of fuel tank capacity. It is a reliable tractor.

It is best suitable for 770 KG of lifting hydraulic capacity. Farmers liked this tractor because of its easy operating system and also suitable for implementations like rotavator.

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