Top 10 Tractors To Look Forward to in 2019

Top 10 Tractors To Look Forward to in 2019

Top 10 Tractors : KhetiGaadi

With technological advances, tractors in India are becoming multipurpose and essential farm machinery. They reduce the need for labour and cut down on overall costs, and, consequently, Indian farmers stand to benefit in the long run from the on-going farm mechanization.

Let’s look at the top 10 tractors model available in 2019:

1. Mahindra Tractors – Mahindra Yuvo 475 DI

The current Mahindra tractor models include the 42 HP Mahindra Yuvo 475 DI. It is a powerful tractor that operates on a four-cylinder engine and comes with a back-up torque and a 60-litre fuel tank. Furthermore, there are 12 forward and three reverse gears and excellent hydraulics, with a 1500 kg lift capacity. For operator convenience, there is wrap-around clear lens headlamps and an adjustable deluxe seat. You can employ this Mahindra Yuvo tractor with cultivators, rotavators,sprayers, threshers, and various other agriculture applications.

2. John Deere Tractors– John Deere 5065 E

One of the best in the current John Deere tractor models line-up, the 65 HP John Deere 5065 E 2WD combines operator comfort with high-level productivity. The tractor has a 3-cylinder turbocharged engine and a 20-25% backup torque that can keep the tractor going even after the load requirements exceed its maximum power. Operating this tractor ought to be a breeze with the straddle-mount operator station, power steering with a tiltable column, and ergonomic EQRL switches. It also has a dual clutch, transmission of nine forward and three reverse gears, and oil immersed disc brakes. Thanks to the mechanical front-wheel drive, this is a machine that will get all the traction it needs for large-scale fieldwork. The John Deere 5065 E 2WD also has a 2000 kg lift capacity and three-point linkage.

3. Escort Tractors – Farmtrac Champion XP 44

A high-performance and rugged machine, the 44 HP Farmtrac Champion XP-44 is well-suited for Indian farming conditions. It has a 3-cylinder engine that produces 2200 rated ERPM and a 50-litre fuel tank. Furthermore, it comes with a constant mesh transmission with eight forward and two reverse gears and dual clutch/single clutch. The Escort tractors has a standard lift capacity of 1800 kg and will work well with harrows, ploughs, rotavators, loaders, and grading dozers.

4. Tafe Tractors – Tafe 1002 4WD

A versatile tractor for all seasons, the 100 HP Tafe 1002 4WD has a 4-cylinder 4 Stroke Turbo-charged with intercooler engine and 4000 CC displacement. Capable of conducting agriculture operations on all types of terrains, this Tafe tractor has hydrostatic steering, 12 forward and four reverse transmission speeds, dual clutch, and multi-disc wet brakes. The tractor has an optional FRP sun canopy.

5. New Holland Tractors – New Holland TD5.90 4WD

Powered by a 4-cylinder IVECO engine and equipped with a 110-litre fuel tank, the 90 HP New Holland TD5.90 4WD mirrors the power and versatility of New Holland tractors. Along with a Synchromesh transmission with Synchro Shuttle with 20 forward and 12 reverse speeds with Creeper mode, dual clutch, and a 3565 kg lift capacity. The tractor’s spacious AC Vision View cab is all about comfort and ease during farming operations. The tractor operator gets a 360-degree view from a deluxe seat and can enjoy a relatively noise-freework environment. Furthermore, the cab’s ergonomically placed controls and power steering simplify the task of handling the tractor.

6. Sonalika Tractors – Sonalika WT 90

Among the currently available Sonalika tractor models, we have the 90 HP Sonalika WT 90. As with the Sonalika new model tractor designs in this range, this is a compact machine and suitable for row crops and orchards. In addition to a 4-cylinder engine that produces a performance-boosting 2000 rated rpm and a 77.5-litre fuel tank, the new Sonalika tractor guarantees operator ease with Synchromesh transmission, double clutch, and 12 forward and 12 reverse gears. The enclosed cabin helps with noise reduction for a better work environment. We can expect improved traction, especially with heavy loads, thanks to the MFWD front axle and the power steering feature. The advanced hydraulics include long-lasting oil immersed brakes and a 2500 kg lift capacity that will come in handy for commercial applications.Visit to find the Sonalika mini tractor price, the Sonalika tractor price for mid-range models, and the Sonalika tractor price in India for higher-range tractor models.

7. Preet Tractors – Preet 9049

The Preet tractor models for 2019 bring us the sturdy and efficient 90 HP Preet 9049 4WD that Indian farmers can use all year round. Equipped with a 67-litre fuel tank and a multi-cylinder inline Bosch fuel pump, it is powered with a 4-cylinder, 4-stroke DI Turbo-Charged with Intercooler engine with a 4087 CC displacement.Furthermore, the tractor has a heavy duty dry dual clutch and Synchromesh transmission with 12 forward and 12 reverse gears. It also has a two-lever hydraulic system with TPL Category-II linkage and a 2400 kg lift capacity. For operation ease, the tractor also has power steering, oil immersed multi-disc brakes, and an enclosed cabin with HVAC and heater options. It can undertake a variety of agricultural tasks like tillage, sowing, inter-row crop cultivation, harvesting, and transportation. Inquire at the official website for the Preet Tractor price.

8. Swaraj Tractors – Swaraj 963 FE

Among the new Swaraj tractor models, the 65 HP Swaraj 963 FE 4WD tractor stands out as a powerful, versatile machine. It has a 4-stroke, 3-cylinder diesel engine with a 3478 CC displacement, and works with a direct injection fuel pump and water-cooled with no-loss tank cooling system. The transmission consists of 12 forward and two reverse gears, oil immersed disc brakes, mechanical actuated double clutch, and multispeed and reverse PTO. The tractor has live hydraulics with a 2200 kg lift capacity and Category-2 linkage with fixed type lower links. For operator ease, the Swaraj tractor has a digital instrument cluster, independent power steering, and adjustable seat. This advanced tractor is compatible with ploughs, combine harvesters, rotavators, reapers, and other heavy applications.

9. Eicher Tractors –Eicher 188

Like most Eicher tractors, the 18 HP Eicher 188 2WD is reliable, rugged, and efficient. Powered by a single cylinder air-cooled engine and with an 825 displacement CC, it has a 28-litre diesel tank and a 10-speed gearbox with eight forward and two reverse gears. It also has a single clutch and oil-immersed brakes. Additionally, the mini tractor has optimised front and rear track width, multi-speed, reversible PTO, and a 750 kg lift capacity. These specifications and the mechanical steering factor into its ease of operation. This Eicher tractor model is perfect for agricultural work in orchards and small landholdings. It can work with a rotavator, a cultivator, and various other applications.

10. Massey Ferguson Tractors–MF 6028

The Massey Ferguson Tractor India division has unveiledthe MF 6028, one of thetop Massey Ferguson tractor models for versatile operations on small and medium farms. It is in the 28 HP range and has a 3-cylinder 1318 CC engine, single clutch, a partial Synchromesh transmission, and six forward and two reverse gears. The mini tractor also has power steering, pendant pedals, oil-immersed brakes, a full-sealed front-axle, and a 25-litre fuel tank. Furthermore, it has a 739 kg lift capacity.

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