All in Detail About Different Variants of Sonalika 60 Sikander Tractor

All in Detail About Different Variants of Sonalika 60 Sikander Tractor

Sonalika Sikander 60 Tractor : Sonalika Tractor is one of the 3rd largest tractors all over the world. It is the highest tractor selling company in the world due to cares about its customer’s needs.

Sonalika Tractor Company was the huge tractor producing plant which has a manufacturing capacity of 3 lakh tractor per year. Sonalika Tractor Company is known for its Customer-centric approach.

Sonalika tractors recorded its victory worldwide by a complete commitment towards farmers and creating their work easier. They care about their customers and supplies product according to their needs and budget.

Sonalika Tractors are motivated by the enthusiasm to try new ideas to meet the emerging demands in the Indian agricultural sector.

Sonalika tractors provide fully mechanizing and high-quality products. It provides advanced products at a reasonable price.

Sonalika Tractors always dedicated to its values. Sonalika tractors are popular among the farmers due to unique features and unique identity at an affordable Sonalika Tractor price.

Below are some popular Sonalika Tractor models with their specifications, have a look.

Sonalika DI 60 SIKANDER 2WD

Sonalika DI 60 Sikander is the 60 HP category tractor model available at the best tractor price in India. This tractor equipped with an HDM engine, which means this big engine helps in high torque in the tractor.

Sonalika always designed tractor with ergonomic consideration, which helps in safety features and provides well comfort to the operator for long-lasting field operations.

Bigger radiator with overflow reservoir available in this tractor reduces the engine overheating issue. 62 lit huge fuel tank capacity helps in the work without interruptions.

2000 kg lifting capacity helps in all types of heavy-duty tillage operations with any type of farm implement. This is the best tractor at low tractor price for those farmers who wanted tractor for both agriculture and commercial use.

Sonalika RX 60 SIKANDER 2WD

Sonalika Rx 60 Sikander tractor is equipped with advanced features like Oil-immersed brakes, a bigger radiator, a powerful 4-cylinder, 3707 cc engine which produces 60 HP of Power at rated RPM of 2200.

This Sikander series tractor delivers exceptional performance, never experienced features, versatility, and high reliability in any operation making it ideal all over India. Sonalika Rx 60 Sikander is available in the 2WD category.

This Sonalika tractor model available with Constant Mesh gearbox which makes Sonalika Rx 60 Sikandar very easy to perform agricultural operations and commercial applications.

Power steering, deluxe seat, toolbox with bottle holder, and a best in class display unit add to the operator comfort in this tractor model. 540 PTO Speeds helps to operator Rotavators and other farm implements.

This tractor model fitted with 62 liters of Diesel tank. Sonalika Rx 60 Sikander Tractor has a lifting capacity of 2000 kg. With the above tractor specifications, this model becomes perfect for Indian farmers.

Sonalika WT 60 RX SIKANDER

Sonalika WT 60 RX Sikander is available with a 4 cylinders powerful engine that generates 60 HP power.

It has Exso sensing fluid mechanics for finger bit operations with a carrying capability of 2500 kgs that is appropriate for a use of implements like cultivator, rotavator, plough, planter, and other farm implements.

Sonalika WT 60 RX Sikander is an associate technology style with next-generation seat and a wide platform for simple entry and exit, this design makes in consideration of operator comfort.

It comes with a company fitted direct management valve that allows self-propelled vehicles, loader, dozer, power harrow operations. Sonalika WT 60 RX Sikander is the best choice for the Indian marginal farmers.


All the above Sonalika models are the best example of the technology itself. Indian Small farmers can easily afford these tractors due to their affordable On Road Price at the Indian market. All these models available at Khetigaadi .com with the best tractor price and technical specifications.

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