Powerful Second hand tractors Under 3 Lakhs

Powerful Second hand tractors Under 3 Lakhs

Old tractors or used tractors are the best agriculture farm mechanization can be chosen by the small farmers in case of reusing for the farming or to use rebuild and design in a new frame structure. The second hand tractors at a low-cost price is easily available at all Tractor brands with different prices including from one lac to five lac. 

For small farmers, second-hand tractors are the best option at the time of the pandemic. The tractor industry has also supported these farmers through all modes of panels keeping in mind the proper economic profitability. 

In this blog, we have brought those tractor brands which come under Rs 3.00 Lac. This blog will help you in finding the best second-hand tractor under Rs 3 Lac. It will also be useful for the farmers to select the best second-hand tractors for easy farmland operations.  

Let’s discuss in detail the different second-hand tractor brands under Rs 3 Lakh with good quality features and specifications. 

Top Ten Second Hand Tractors Under 3 Lakh

  1. Eicher 485 

The first tractor in the minimum range of the list is Tractor Eicher 485. Eicher is the oldest and the leading manufacturing company in the tractor brand industry. Eicher 485 second hand tractor is the powerful and durable tractor in this range.

Eicher 485 tractors come in the 45 HP of the powerful engine that has 2945 displacement in CC and has 3 cylinders. The tractor can work easily with 48 liters of fuel tank capacity.

 Eicher 485 second-hand Tractor Price comes at Rs 3.00 Lakh. It is affordable and easy to purchase. It is a perfect combination of versatility and durability. Eicher 485 second-hand tractor price and other information are easily available on the KhetiGaadi website.

  1. Swaraj 855 FE

The second tractor under this range is Swaraj 855 FE which is excellent in performance and known for its durability. Swaraj is the pioneer and trustable tractor brand industry amongst the farmers. Swaraj 855 FE second-hand tractor is a powerful and multitasking performing tractor.

It comes with 52 HP of a powerful engine that has 3307 displacements in CC, 3 cylinders with a combination of dual steering features. The tractor is also equipped with amazing features for the proper functioning in agriculture. 

Swaraj 855 FE second-hand tractor price comes at Rs. 3.00 Lakh. It is fair in price and can be easily available on the KhetiGaadi website. To enquire more about the second-hand tractor Swaraj 855 FE connected to the KhetiGaadi executives. 

  1. MF 5245 Planetary Plus 

Massey Ferguson 5245 Planetary Plus second-hand tractor is a powerful range of tractors with 50 HP of engine power. Massey Ferguson tractor brand is the reliable and the most trusted brand amongst the farmers. All tractor models are powerful and work easily in all the field platforms. Well, the second-hand tractor MF 5245 Planetary Plus comes with amazing features and requires less maintenance, and works for longer hours of operation.

MF 5245 Planetary Plus is always liked by the farmers due to its excellent performance, good quality features like a dry-type air filter, can work with 47 liters of fuel tank capacity, can load 1700 Kg of lifting hydraulic capacity with applications like Rotavator, Cultivator, Plough, etc. 

MF 5245 Planetary Plus second-hand tractor price range also comes at Rs 3 Lakh i.e. is nominal in price range and good for all effective working operations. To know more about MF 5245 Planetary Plus second-hand tractor prices in your state and region contact KhetiGaadi executives.

  1. Farmtrac 45 CL VM PS

Next comes in the price range of 3 Lakh, Farmtrac 45 CL VMPS is the best option for the farmers. Farmtrac 45 CL VMPS attracts the farmers for its good quality features and performance superb in the field.

With 44 HP of a powerful engine, Farmtrac 45 CL VMPS has 3140 displacements in CC with 3 cylinders. The second-hand tractor of Farmtrac 45 CL VMPS is equipped with additional features for the comfort of the operator. 

For the small farmers, this Farmtrac 45 CL VMPS is an amazing tractor in the second-hand tractor range with the nominal price of Rs 2.80 Lakh that is superb for its amazing performance and excellence.  

  1. New Holland 3030 NX

New Holland tractors have always been preferred by the farmers. The company produces the tractors keeping in mind the small farmers. Talking about its features, New Holland 3030 NX has 35 HP of engine power, 2365 displacement in CC, and has 3 cylinders. 

New Holland 3030 NX works efficiently and effectively even in second-hand conditions. The tractor works for a longer duration. The second-hand tractor New Holland 3030 NX price range starts from Rs 3.00 Lakh.

To enquire more about the New Holland 3030 NX second-hand tractor price in your area contact KhetiGaadi executives or download the KhetiGaadi app. 

  1. Sonalika DI 35

Sonalika DI 35 second-hand tractor is another best option for the farmers. Sonalika is the most trustable and leading manufacturing industry in India. Sonalika tractor models come with excellent features and are superb performance.

Sonalika DI 35 tractor is a 39 HP of a powerful engine, equipped with 3 cylinders, good for applications like rotavator, cultivator, etc. It works efficiently with all types of farmland operations.

Sonalika DI second-hand tractor price starts from Rs 2.50 Lakh. The price and other information related to tractors and products are given in the KhetiGaadi.com. 

  1. MF 241 DI Mahashakti

Tractor by Massey Ferguson brand has always accompanied by excellent features.

The next tractor under the minimum price range is Massey Ferguson 241 DI Mahashakti.

Massey Ferguson 241 DI Mahashakti is a powerful engine tractor with 42 HP of engine power, 2500 CC of engine capacity, 3 cylinders.

MF 241 DI Mahashakti is excellent in features and good at all perspectives. The price of the tractor MF 241 DI Mahashakti starts from Rs 2.20 Lakh. To know more about the features or price of the tractor in your state contact KhetiGaadi executives.

  1. Mahindra 275 DI TU 

The next range of tractors under this category is the Mahindra 275 DI TU.  Mahindra 275 DI TU second-hand tractor is good and powerful in features. It comes with a 39 HP of a powerful engine. It is affordable and easy to work in all types of farmland. 

Mahindra 275 DI TU price is so affordable and comes at Rs 2.20 Lakh. To enquire more about this tractor reach to our website at KhetiGaadi.com 

  1. Swaraj 735 FE

Swaraj 735 FE is another second-hand tractor that comes with  35 HP of a powerful engine, 3 cylinders, and has 2734 CC of engine capacity. The tractor comes with good quality features and is suitable for easy farming operations in agriculture.

Swaraj 735 FE second-hand tractor price starts from Rs 2.00 Lakh. To know more about the Swaraj 735 FE tractor contact KhetiGaadi executives.

  1. MF 1035 DI Tonner 

The next comes the Massey Ferguson 1035 DI tonner tractor with efficient performance and excellent features. It is a powerful tractor with 40 HP of engine power. Also, it is suitable for agricultural and commercial purposes.

With a powerful tractor brand with amazing features MF 1035 DI Tonner second-hand tractor price is very nominal and affordable. It comes at Rs 1.75 Lakh. To know more about the amazing features of the second-hand tractor contact KhetiGaadi executives. 

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