Best New Holland Tractor Models All time

Best New Holland Tractor Models All time

New Holland is produced by CNH industry and is known to be the brand leading and manufacturing company worldwide. The New Holland company was first established in New Holland, Pennsylvania in the year 1895. New Holland is the brand name of tractor.

The company not only manufacturers tractors but also produces farm implements, machineries for the requirement of agricultural farming.

New Holland is one of the famous manufacturing and selling of tractors across the world. In India New Holland began its operation in 1998 in Noida.

New Holland tractors are manufactured with quality based and result in high performance. The company also received many National Awards for Quality and Manufacturing Excellence.

New Holland all tractor models are always in great demand by the farmers for its higher efficiency and productivity.

There are some models which are renowned for its features and affordable prices. In this blog you will come to know about which New Holland tractor models are well known all the time.

Best Known New Holland Tractor Models

New Holland 3230 – New Holland 3230 has always been in demand by the farmers. It is a 42 Hp tractor. It is well equipped with specific features and advanced technology.

Some of the features  like oil immersed multi disc brakes provide high grip and slow slippage,the power steering feature provides smooth and easy functioning.

It is best suitable for applications like crop harvesting, ploughing and tilling, threshing, planting, seeding etc.

New Holland 3230 tractor provided with less fuel consumption, low maintenance, higher efficiency and affordable price of Rs 5.25 Lac which is suitable for farmers. The On-road-price of New Holland 3230 differs from region to region.

New Holland 3600 – New Holland 3600 is again the most preferred tractor amongst the farmers. Tractor 3600 of New Holland models is one amongst the prominent models with advanced technology, varied features. These features include more Torque which provides higher efficiency, double-clutch feature helps in controlling and high durability.

This tractor is also useful for applications like threshing, planting, seeding, threshing, ploughing and Tilling and Land Levelling. Tractor New Holland 3600 comes at an affordable price of Rs 6.92 Lac. It is an all-rounder tractor that can operate different functions at a time.

New Holland 4710 – New Holland 4710 is known for its unique and advanced features.

New Holland tractor 4710 is equipped with Power steering feature which helps in easy control for high grip and slow slippage on the land feature of oil immersed and multi disc brake is perfect and for smooth functioning tractor has dual clutch option.

New Holland 4710 price is affordable and priced at Rs 6.60 Lac and reaches upto Rs 7.80 lac.The On-road-price differs from region to region.

New Holland Excel 6010 – New Holland Excel 6010 tractor is a 60 Hp tractor.It comes with advanced technology good to operate in all kinds of landforms. It is a multipurpose tractor.

It provides excellent comfort and helps to improve farming efficiency and productivity. It is best suitable for applications like Land Levelling, Ploughing and Tilling, Crop harvesting, Threshing,cultivating and seeding.

New Holland Excel 6010 tractor price at Rs 8 Lac.The On-Road-Price of tractor New Holland Excel 6010 varies from region to region.

New Holland Excel 6010 comes with mechanically actuated Oil immersed brakes, 60 Litres of fuel tank capacity, comes with 2 Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Drive. 

New Holland TD5 90- New Holland TD 5 90 is a newly in demand utility tractor manufactured by New Holland Tractor company.

It is a highly advanced technology tractor with specific features like a four cylinders powerhouse with turbocharger.

It can handle implements like cultivator,plough, rotavator etc. It has an excellent cooling system which protects from overheating of the engine in longer hours of operation.

The price of New Holland TD5 90 starts from Rs 18 lac and extends upto Rs 20 Lac. The on-road-price varies from region to region. 

New Holland Excel 8010 – New Holland Excel 8010 is in demand for smooth functioning, low maintenance, more efficiency, economical price etc.

This tractor also comes with various advanced features and specifications. These specifications include heavy hydraulic lifting capacity, mileage is economical in every field.

The price of New Holland Excel 8010 starts from 11 Lac. The company provides the best services to their customers.


New Holland is a premier manufacturing company. New Holland tractors are manufactured and exported to more than 70 countries.

New Holland all tractor models are designed uniquely and are popular for their latest technology features, wide range from 35 Hp to 90 Hp.

The price of New Holland is economical and varies from region to region. New Holland tractors are known for best services, warranty scheme, latest technology and production of farm implements.

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