2 Best Tractors in 50 HP Range by New Holland: Features, Highlights, and Specifications

2 Best Tractors in 50 HP Range by New Holland: Features, Highlights, and Specifications

New Holland Agriculture offers a quality range of Tractor, and a total range of agricultural equipment for land preparation to post-gathering, for example, balers, sprayers, harvesters, and other tillage implements.

New Holland Agriculture tractors outfitted with the new technology, have gotten the best option for the farmers.

Here we are discussing the currently launched new tractors with new technology by New Holland in India in detail, just have a look.    

2 Best Tractors in 50 HP Range by New Holland

50 HP range tractors are famous tractors among Indian farmers because of price and utility.  

New Holland 5510 Excel

This is new launched 50 HP tractor by new holland in both variants, 2WD and 4WD. This tractor is equipped with 3 cylinders, FPT S8000, Naturally Aspirated engine of 49.5 HP (36.9 kW) power with 2931 displacement cc.

Dry-type 7-inch air cleaner provides clean air to the engine for high performance.

Also, the Maintenance cost for dry types air cleaners is affordable for small farmers.

Inline fuel injection pump and 60/100 lit capacity fuel tank help to work for a long time without hesitation.

The transmission system is this tractor equipped with fully synchromesh with mechanical shuttle gearbox, multiple gear speed options and double-clutch with independent PTO lever make this tractor perfect for all types of agricultural operations.

This tractor can load 2000 kg / 2500 kg hydraulic lifting capacity make this tractor perfect for operability with a heavy farm implement like rotavator, harrow, cultivator.

Oil-immersed breaks in this tractor provide safety features to operators against accidents. Independent,6 splines PTO available in this tractor best for all types of PTO-related operations.

Additional Features of New Holland 5510 Excel

  • New Holland Cat eye styling 
  • Super Deluxe Seat 
  • Flat Deck Platform 
  • Floor Mat 
  • Clutch Safety Lock 
  • Neutral Safety Switch
  • Telescopic Stabilizer Bar 
  • Sky Watch 
  • ROPS and Canopy 
  • Anti-Glare Rear View Mirror  

Highlights of New Holland 5510 Excel

International Excel Styling

If you want to buy a tractor with a premium look and styling then this is your solution, the best tractor with a good look and comfort. 

FPT Engine

FPT engines are known for their best class torque and fuel efficiency. 

EVT Drive Transmission System

Basically, multiple speed options available in this tractor allow it to perform in various applications with easy forward and reverse movements.

Flat Deck Operator Platform

A clean platform and comfortable sitting arrangement allow the operator to work nonstop. 

Heavy-Duty Chassis

This tractor is perfect for heavy-duty operations of the loader and combines harvester due to this heavy-duty structure.  

New Holland 3600 – 2 Excel

New Holland again comes with this famous tractor model with some modifications.

This 49.5 HP powered tractor model comes in both 2WD and 4WD variants.

  • The displacement cc of the engine in this tractor is 2931cc.
  • Power Steering option available in this tractor help in smooth driving.
  • Straight axel planetary drive is available in this tractor beneficial for easy movement and low maintenance.
  • Lift -o- Matic hydraulic system and 1800 kg hydraulic lifting capacity of this tractor beneficial for heavy-duty implement operation in the field.      

Highlights of New Holland 3600 –2 Excel

FPT Power

  • FPT power gives the highest PTO power and maximum torque to the tractor which is best for traction work.
  • So that this tractor is capable for one size bigger implement recommended for exact HP tractor.
  • Improved and sustainable engine this tractor is suitable for all soil types.
  • This tractor can be run with the lowest possible ERPM with the highest gear selection and there is no need for a frequent gear change. 

Paddy Specialty of New Holland 3600-2 Excel

This tractors is equipped with double metal face sealing which allows work in deep puddling without any transmission damage due to water.

No entry of water allows in, keeps hydraulic and rear axle safe.

A 4WD variant comes with a bigger front tire and sealed front axle, which is beneficial for high duty agricultural applications and a low turning radius helps in puddling operation at the small field.

Straight Axle Planetary Drive

It reduces stress on gear and shaft with the distribution of rear axle load on three points.

Double Clutch and Constant Mesh AFD

Finger touch side-shift available in this tractors is best for shifting gear easily. It provides longer clutch life with low maintenance. 


  • Famer can choose PTO speed option according to implement and this helps in fuel-saving and durability.
  • The reverse PTO option available in this tractors prevents clogging stubble. 

Hydraulic with Lift -O- Matic

Sowing and ploughing at a similar depth are possible with this hydraulic system available in this tractors. 

Best for Haulage

This tractors comes with a high road speed of 39 km/hr, which helps to increase the number of trips in a day. 

No Front Lifting / High Front Weight

High weights at the front make this tractors more stable and comfortable.

High Ground Clearance

High ground clearance help to cross bund easily and work in inter-crop. 

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